Why is it important to take care of yourself? And how to take it

take care of yourself

This article is specially for you to remind you to explore your wonderful world and enjoy it to your heart’s content.

Take care of yourself!! Is this a special topic of discussion? Well, if you think so, then stop and read this article thoroughly till the end Moms and dads memes on social media are so cute, aren’t they? It means two strong pillars in the house for home, family, loved ones And they spend their whole lives in trouble for their friends, and even in the evening of life they find no rest.

Any household chores are like this. Be it father, mother, grandmother, grandfather, elder uncle or elder sister, brother.

They don’t get time for themselves while working hard for the family. Even in today’s age, taking time for yourself is a big deal.

The younger generation keeps Saturdays and Sundays off for themselves. Pai spends the day at the party, comes home with a bang and faces the new week again.

But why do we really give ourselves time? Is taking time for yourself just a matter of walking around, shopping for clothes, watches, perfumes?

Admittedly, partying with friends, chatting, eating delicious food or shopping to your heart’s content brings happiness. But still, this cannot be called quality time that we give ourselves.

Because here we wear masks on our own feelings and walk in the world of others. So how can you say that you have given yourself time, taken care of yourself?

Why not take care of ourselves as we take care of everyone around us, take care of those who can?

Of course it should be taken… Even if a mother, father, sister-brother or husband and wife take care of each other, we need to take time for ourselves to take care of ourselves.

What exactly is self-care?

When we get sick, we go to the doctor, take medicine on time, eat on time. So we take care of ourselves, right?

Yes, it is also necessary to take care of your own body. Not only going to the doctor, but also eating healthy, exercising, meditating, expressing emotions are all necessary for physical health.

But more than that, take care of yourself. Along with physical care, mental health should also be taken care of.

You say we go for walks, meet relatives and friends, watch movies, earn our own money and indulge ourselves. That means taking care of your own mental health.

But doing just that doesn’t mean everyone lived. There are plenty of other things to do for ourselves that we can do to take care of ourselves.

Taking care of yourself also means taking a break from fearful pleasures. Turning to spiritual bliss.

If you have taken leave from the office, spend that leave on yourself. So why not sit at home or lie down and watch a TV show for some time..!! Taking care of yourself means not being constrained by time and money, not being forced by anyone to do what you love, while giving your talents scope. Let’s start with self-care

Do what you love We often make decisions that are based on the minds of others. We always give secondary importance to our own minds. But when you decide to take care of yourself, do what you want. Don’t think about what others will think at that time. Feel what they want.. If you want to knit a woolen sweater then knit it..someone calls you retired or old lady.

You pursue your passion without risk. If you want to sit alone at home and read books instead of going to parties with friends, do the same. Even if someone says, “How boring your hobbies are”, you should stop worrying about it…. Paint a wall, paint objects, draw rangolis, watch a lineage, dance non-stop to old songs till the morning, no matter what someone says, focus for some time on what your heart feels,

I have to go back to work tomorrow. So today is my day.. Recharge yourself for the next few days by doing things of interest. But this should be done frequently. Otherwise, one day in 4 years will be spent like this even by stealing, then this has no meaning. Reserve your time for yourself. And let someone else take his time for him…

Feel the world of your emotions deeply There are so many wonderful things in the world of Bhatal that you will be amazed by seeing… You will realize that you have not experienced many things yet, and sometimes try to try different foods from other regions. If you are looking for romantic cinema, watch an action or animated movie today.

Make an impromptu plan and sit down to watch the sunset at the nearest river bank or fort. If the beach is near, go there and watch the sunrise. At night, go to the patio or terrace and watch the beautiful moonlight, stars, or kajaves. Go to a nearby hill or forest and listen to the sound of the breeze and listen to the songs of the party there. It is all wonderful.. Nature itself is an unfathomable mystery.. One who enjoys it forgets the whole world. Creates a different relationship with yourself. Understands oneself in solitude….

Stay away from negative people and thoughts Time for yourself means don’t spend hours on social media. All virtual worlds are not as many masks as there are in a circus. The poison of politics, religious strife, and casteism is also spread over it. He only throws mud at each other on social media rather than creating beautiful relationships.

Stay away from such toxic topics and people for some time. Some people in our relationship and circle of friends are also equally rude. Stay away from people who don’t care about your well-being and take pleasure in worrying about your bad in ‘me time’… No matter how close a person is, if his behavior or talking to him makes you feel sad, annoyed, or troubled, then beware. Be aware and stay away from them. It will keep you depressed, you will always be depressed. So beware of scammers..!!

Taking care of yourself means putting yourself first When you decide to take time for yourself, change your priorities a bit. Admittedly, we always have to prioritize both our family and our job.

But remember ‘me first’ in my time. Because you are going to try to please yourself. Trying to make yourself successful. Only if your mind is happy, the environment and people around you will be happy. Your loved ones will be satisfied to see you happy. Only if you take care of yourself will you learn to take care of others.

So see what you don’t want. Fulfill all your needs. There is no need to feel guilty about this… You don’t do anything for yourself by ripping off someone else. If you do what everyone needs, then it is your duty to keep yourself happy as well. If someone uses you for work, protect yourself from them too.

Let them know that you will not see them at all. Live your own life freely on your terms. In short, the congregation means freeing oneself from all snares, i.e. self cager Doing what makes you happy means taking proper care of your mind. Taking care of yourself with others means taking care of yourself.

To fulfill your dreams means to understand yourself, to speak the truth, not to put pressure on the mind, to reduce the burden on the mind means to take proper care of yourself. Self-care is about balancing your life. Understand that only one who can love himself can love others. So everyone should do loving themselves, taking care of themselves. Give yourself time, enjoy, and perfect yourself..!!

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