What should we do to enhance our leadership skills?

What should we do to enhance our leadership skills

leadership skills: Do you ‘like’ people? What will you do so that people ‘respect’ you and people ‘like’ you?? Wouldn’t you feel better if people like you? Are you social Everyone will like it.

People like you and people think of you as someone who fills their stomach. Especially in your office, you are very lucky if everyone at the workplace likes and respects you. Because people think that every boss feels that way and you want that too. I will never get respect.

Your behaviour decides whether you will be respected or not. You have to choose different ways to be popular among people. And if you know this way then people will like you, and people will respect you.

Will take it on the head too. I’m going to show you a few ways with this account that will earn you respect, and people to like you… but it did.

But what methods can be adopted by the people? | leadership skills

1: Do your job and focus on how to do it better

One of the easiest ways to earn respect is to do what you’re doing. See how to make it look as good as possible. Don’t aim for someone to respect you or respect you at all.

You are doing what is really working. Do it with all your heart, so much so that your reputation will increase in that work. You will be considered the master of that work, so focus on that work. Whatever you say out of that will be heavy. The fruit of your work will be so spectacular that no one will be able to ignore it.

2:- When a person wants to get respect in a story, he should show his colleagues that I have the right answer to any difficult question of this work, because my knowledge in this work is perfect.

When people realize that you have knowledge of everything, then people start liking you and start respecting you as you are. You should always start your work at the appointed time. Be determined to keep the time.

Be it starting work, meeting once, completing any task or meeting someone, stick to the appointed time. Be careful not to delay the net ever for a minute. Your reputation will increase gradually.

3:- Wear nice clothes according to the occasion.. Wear nice clothes according to the occasion for which you are going in front of your colleagues. It would be wrong to wear strange or colorful clothes. The clothes you wear should be neat and clean so that you stand out.

If your company has a dress code, wear the same clothes, but don’t show up in front of others in sweaty clothes, with a sweaty face. Don’t wear such clothes that people will call you ugly. And if everyone is in the dress code, don’t wear a suit.

4:- Treat your colleagues with respect as well.

You should respect everyone, respect everyone. Pay keeping your credit in mind. That is, while giving respect to others, take care of your self-respect.

If you are the boss, don’t come across like an arrogant boss and respect yourself while giving respect to others. Be careful that you give the impression of being a very virtuous and nice person.

5:- Make friends with people you like in your own company and befriend good people in other companies as well. While working, learn the ways of working of your co-workers, colleagues.

Make friends by spying on people who will help you grow the company. They will increase your prestige. Find some friends who will help you, even if they work in another company. Make friends, help and get help. You may get new ideas, plans.

6:- You take the help of a colleague.

You can take the help of your colleague to save your time or to give time to other work. Asking for help is no small thing but you are doing it to save time, your colleague will be respected and you will also get some information from him that you might not have.

7: – If you have a boss or colleague, then whenever you have free time, lighten his workload. Sometimes there will come a time when you will complete your project or your work before time and then you will have some free time.

If you have a boss, go straight to him. And say that I have time now, if you have any work, give it to me, I will do it, and your time will be saved.

If there is no boss then ask a colleague that if you save his time by doing his work then he will always remember and you will get respect from him. Soon people will start liking you. Job, business anywhere will benefit you.

8 :- Listen, listen carefully. Never let your colleagues lose respect for you.

When your co-workers come to you with a question or a solution to a problem, you will either ignore them while they talk, or if you do something else while they talk, they will misunderstand and feel that you are Not doing anything. Give importance to them.

It will affect his respect towards you. To prevent this from happening, give them your full attention while they are speaking.

Discuss that thing, ask doubts, then it will mean that you have heard them properly. And they’ll also appreciate that you took the time. Respect will always be there.

9 :- Inquire about the happiness of people.

In business or at work or even at a home event, greet people you meet with a smile, shake hands, or say hello, inquire about their health.

This means that you asked them out of respect. This inquiry strengthens the threads of your respect.

10- Keep your memory good, and keep a list of birthdays of people you like. Send them greetings first. Give gifts to loved ones. Remember their children’s names, don’t forget to send messages of their children’s success.

Ask what sights to see on vacation, how was the trip when you arrived? Also discuss what you particularly like. Attend their home events. Invite them to your home events. Be careful not to lose your relationship.

11 :- Treat the people whom you like in such a way that they will always trust you. Don’t let a single mistake be made by you while doing this transaction.

Even one mistake can create a misconception about you. Don’t let your confidence and humility get the better of you. This will increase your honor. People will not break away from you.

12:- You constantly review the work from your colleagues. If you want to be perfect in your work, always let your peers review your work. Do consider people’s suggestions, solutions.

Keep talking with your boss by having regular meetings. All these tasks will make your next step very easy and you will see an increase in your efficiency. Your performance will increase. And this will be the basis of your popularity.

As you review work from people, provide some information to people as well. Suggest some good solutions or ideas. So people will be helped by you. and total

Good results will be seen in your work. Some people have a habit of sitting back when their work is done, if someone else asks something, it is not my job. So avoid it.

You should never do that. If you see someone struggling at work or under tension, help him. He will respect you more. Try it and see the difference immediately.

13:- Understand people’s point of view and respect them. When undertaking a new work, one has to think from all sides. We must put our point of view before the people, and let them know it too. If it feels good, accept it and implement it.

Don’t be shy in front of people. If a project has been taken up, call the people together and clearly understand,

Make it clear to the colleagues that this project, this work should be done, this result should be obtained from it and it should be completed in such a time. But avoid doing that…

Should we do this project? If done in how many days can it be done, I hope it will be done in so many days, if we work like that. Never speak like that. speak firmly Make a solid plan for it in advance, complete it ahead of time.

14:- Don’t let gossiping happen to you. (leadership skills, leadership skills)

Don’t let people misunderstand each other about the way they work. Don’t name anyone behind your back, don’t let anyone talk about other people’s mistakes.

Don’t let the workplace environment become dirty. Don’t make loose talk in your workplace and stop others from doing the same. If there is a fixed project, fixed time, fixed work, don’t let the time pass in the meeting. Don’t do anything that will waste other people’s time. Give importance to time. See that your time is not wasted. Save time.

15:- Never let the phrase “I don’t know” come out of your mouth.. When people come to you to ask you the solution to some question, don’t hesitate to say “I don’t know”. Responsible persons always collect and keep a lot of information with themselves. You should have all the information about who will perfect a job. You should already have such information. You must have an answer to every question, only then are you known as a leader.

16:- If you are not getting good support from your colleagues, go to them yourself and talk to them. Explain to them the definition of good colleagues without getting angry at them. As expected you will get cooperation from them. (leadership skills, leadership skills)

If some of the new recruits appear to be not cooperating with you, then jokingly explain how company politics is jeopardizing their careers. It will immediately make a difference and you will automatically get the support you deserve and you will also be respected.

17 :- You go to industrial seminars for the progress of your company. From there, share the company’s development ideas and the rest of the knowledge gained with your colleagues. (leadership skills, leadership skills)

Encourage them to make that change. If time permits, invite such people to your company and train colleagues from them. Everyone’s knowledge will increase and the development of the company will be achieved automatically.

18: If any new person joins your company, introduce yourself to him and introduce him too. (leadership skills, leadership skills)

Ask him to talk to you if he has any problem with anything. Even if he is not in your department. What this will do is make you a responsible leader in his eyes. And he will respect you from day one.

19:- Talk to your close colleagues, and give them ideas on how they can do good work and benefit the company. Keep them informed about it.

Instead of sending out massive emails, sit down with them one day yourself. Give all information. Choose the morning time for it. Special in his work (leadership skills, leadership skills)

Progress will be seen. It will be beneficial for the company and your performance will be top-notch.

20:- As you do all this, learn to speak well in meetings. (leadership skills, leadership skills)

If you learn to speak this, your reputation will grow. You will start speaking well in meetings with your colleagues. Make a presentation of your project to them. (leadership skills, leadership skills)

You confidently guide people in company seminars. As a result, you will be recognized as a good leader.

And you will be respected as a responsible person of the company. You will gain a lot of knowledge and you will be known as a good speaker. (leadership skills, leadership skills)

As you progress, you will come closer to people. You will become a popular speaker. People will struggle to hear you.

You can become popular in many ways. Try to bring all these things with you. (leadership skills, leadership skills, leadership skills)

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