Do this to motivate yourself by loving yourself

self motivation Do-this-to-motivate-yourself by loving yourself

motivate yourself, self motivation, teaches us to stay strong in this fast moving world.. it is our inner strength.. which never lets us down.. do you do these things to show self love, self motivation? This article is specially for you..

There is so much power in the word ‘Love’.. Love is for giving.. Love is for receiving.. The world runs on love..
We are told great love stories.. Be it Satyavan-Savitri or Jijau-Shiva..

Great mountains of duty have been crossed by love.

We should love ourselves in the same way.. This is never a selfish thought..

In fact if we can love ourselves we can love others too.. so there is nothing wrong with loving ourselves..

‘Self love’ becomes the mantra of our ascending alekha.. Self love becomes a booster dose for continued success in your work..

What can be healed by loving yourself selflessly.??

1) If we love ourselves, we can bring the best version of ourselves to the world. Only love should be in the right direction.. Selfish love leads to self-destruction.. So this fine line between selfish and selfless love should not be crossed..

2) How far will you go if you don’t take care of yourself..?? Life will be stuck in one place.. Take care of yourself.. Provide what you want and don’t want. Only then you can climb each step of success with confidence..

3) Self love will help you to understand yourself.. and the important benefit of this understanding is that you will connect better with the other person too.. You will find it very easy to understand and love people around you.

4) We strive for others throughout our lives. We don’t realize that we have to live for ourselves.. Then in old age we get worried.. Because we are not used to doing anything for ourselves, because we are not used to communicate with ourselves, we have to depend on people…

Even so, no one teaches us how to love ourselves, why.. so we are saying.. give importance to yourself too in time… how beautiful life will become.. and then see many people will take inspiration from you and make their lives beautiful too..

5) But don’t try to make yourself like someone else.. You are beautiful just the way you are.. Accept yourself only then you can keep yourself happy.. The way you look, your color, your style are all different but not bad. Be assured.. act, talk, gain knowledge, correct your mistakes but don’t spend your life underestimating yourself…

To live like others or to live one’s life according to others is an insult to one’s own personality.. Everyone is unique.. and each one’s uniqueness is what gives that person an identity.. Don’t erase your own identity, don’t forget it..

6) Compete with yourself.. If you have to compete with someone else, don’t do it in a friendly way.. Keep it away.. Even if you lose, don’t blame yourself.. Learn from it and move on.. Build yourself up again…

Don’t burden your mind with constant worry..

7) Act as you are.. Don’t act fake just to make people happy.. It puts a lot of pressure on you.. Unknowingly you become a dramatist, lose your originality.. Don’t let it happen..

Don’t be too hard on yourself when it comes to success.

8) Be with loving, sincere people.. People who love themselves to the fullest are very happy.. You will feel very refreshed in their company. You will learn a lot.

9) Of course your success depends on how you treat yourself. Understand this terminology. If you keep blaming yourself then you will never get the job done in front of you.. you will be far away from success..

Rather appreciate yourself when you finish whatever you do.. learn if someone can do it better than you.. don’t let the feeling that you can’t make it, that you are worthless…

10) Give yourself a treat sometime.. take time for yourself.. have a lot of fun with friends and family.. even take a solo trip sometime.. you will get a lot of relaxing time to understand yourself.. get lost in nature..

Go to a spa on your birthday. Go shopping.. When it comes to keeping yourself happy, guilt is your greatest enemy.

Sometimes we get fed up because we are having fun alone.. but we should also be able to understand that it is not a mistake to give yourself a day when you are in the world for your family. In fact, it is our duty for you.

11) Taking care of yourself, keeping yourself fit, paying special attention to your body is also a constant self positivity.

Only if your mind is calm, your body is fit, you can pay attention to all other tasks and duties.. Your success lies in this..

So don’t complain about yourself… If there is a complaint, pay attention to solving it.. No one is perfect in the world.. So how can we be an exception..??

But even if we are not perfect, we will definitely be different from everyone else.. We should cultivate this uniqueness of ours..

Kareena’s character in that movie ‘Jab Dui Met’ is a perfect example.. doing everything for herself, self confidence and ‘, self love.. and on top of that her dialogue… “Mai apni favorite hoon..! ” Do you remember??

So the point is that let’s pamper ourselves in the same way.. Whether someone else does something or nothing for us, many times we are enough for ourselves..

It’s our inner strength.. which never lets us down.. self love, self motivation teaches us to stay strong in this fast moving world..

That’s why while loving this birth and this life forever, learn to love this body..that is, yourself too and try the power of this love..!!

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