Chesterman Beach Tofino

Chesterman Beach Tofino

Chesterman Beach Tofino is divided into two areas. Our favourite surfing spot is Chesterman Beach South or just the South as the locals refer to it. It’s a lovely sandy place that we like. Not that we don’t like North, Cox, Long Beach, Florencia, and Vic… but we prefer the South! Parking is available on Chesterman Beach Tofino Road at the corner.

Chesterman Beach South offers a laid-back vibe but is not sympathetic to inexperienced surfers. Bonfires, cookouts, and stargazing are all popular after-surf activities. It’s a cheerful place. At low tide, Rosie Bay, just south of the south, is a great spot to visit: limestone caves, tidal pools, and, when the circumstances are right, a nice surf wave.

Mira returns to Chesterman Beach Tofino, beloved by the residents and everyone. 90 years old and still going strong! The sails are raised when the wind blows. Tofino is wonderful because there is always enough room for everyone. Whether you surf, windsurf, kite-surf, or kayak-surf, the vista is spectacular, and everyone is pleasant.

Surfing and watching the sunset are two of our favourite pastimes. The surf is glassy and the breeze is calm. Directions to the city and to the parking lot. Turn right into South Chesterman Road after walking/biking/driving south along Pacific Rim Highway.

Because there are no signs on Chesterman Beach Tofino, keep an eye out for traffic signs. At the end of South Chesterman Road, there are parking spaces, restrooms, and showers. There is no charge for parking. The level of difficulty is a 1/5. Sand, both firm and soft. The beach’s small stretch is broad and flat. The South Entrance, we assume, is not wheelchair accessible.

Chesterman Beach Tofino is one of the Pacific Rim’s greatest beaches and most unassuming locales, according to locals and visitors alike who reside around Tofino. Many people’s first stop in the region is here, and it’s a terrific site to visit with friends and family.

Chesterman Beach Tofino is one of the best sites in North America to learn to surf in both the summer and the winter, but that doesn’t stop local surfers from enjoying Chesterman’s numerous waves. Kayakers and paddleboarders are also likely to be seen enjoying the waves in this region. There is no other beach like Chesterman. There’s always something going on amid its hard sandy stretches, whether it’s to enjoy a summer sunset or a nighttime walk, a gorgeous picnic, or cycling by the sea. It even has its own island!

Chesterman Beach Tofino Birding

Throughout the year, a wide variety of birds may be spotted along the Chesterman Beach Tofino, making it a perfect area to bring your camera and binoculars.

The Chesterman Beach Tofino is accessible from Chesterman Beach Road and is one of Tofino’s parking-free beaches.

Chesterman Beach Parking Fee

What is the rationale behind the implementation of paid parking?
In the past, tourists and residents have had a poor experience due to informal Chesterman Beach Tofino parking patterns. Informal and bad parking behaviours have frequently resulted in decreased road user safety, infrastructure damage, increased enforcement costs, and diminished parking convenience and availability.

The District pledged to enhance public parking layout and design in 2021 and recommended the implementation of beach pay parking to cover associated parking expenditures, which would include dedicated enforcement personnel. To date, parking-related expenses have been covered by taxes.

Pay parking has been shown to enhance parking availability in public locations while also allowing for greater shared access to public assets.

Pay parking earnings may also be a valuable new source of funding for other initiatives, services, and infrastructures.

Where can I find paid parking?

At Cox Bay at Maltby Road, public parking close to Long Beach Lodge/Cox Bay Beach Resort, South Chesterman parking lot, Chesterman Beach Road, Lynn Road, North Chesterman parking lot, Osprey Lane, Thornberg Crescent, Hellesen Drive, and Tonquin Park Road, pay parking is in force.

Pay parking will be available at the Municipal Hall surface lots as usual.

Chesterman Beach Permits for Residents

Residents of Tofino, Ahousaht, Opitsaht, Esowista, Hesquiaht, and Tyhistanis can apply for a free yearly permit online (, while residents of Ucluelet and other ACRD villages will enjoy a 50% discount on the initial annual pass.

Chesterman Beach Tofino Parking Permits are available for purchase.
In 2021, annual tickets will cost $120, while day passes will cost $12.
Parking is $3 for the first two hours and $3 for each additional hour.
Business vehicle annual permits cost $120 per car per year.


Why is Tofino so well-known?

Tofino is well-known for its spectacular sunsets. Tofino is the first location that springs to me when I think of “tropical” and “Canada.” Tofino, one of Canada’s most western cities, confronts the Pacific Ocean and offers some of the greatest surfing in the nation, as well as whale watching, hiking, kayaking, and a variety of other activities.

Tofino’s Chesterman Beach is how long?

This 2.7-kilometre length of sand is flanked by lovely residences in the shape of a “w” or “m.” The Wickaninnish Inn is located in the city’s north end. North and South Chesterman Beaches have parking lots, and Middle Chesterman Beach has a few places.

Is it necessary to pay to visit Long Beach Tofino?

Yes, starting in August 2021, there will be paid parking at all public access points to the District of Tofino’s beaches, including Cox Bay, Chesterman, MacKenzie, and Tonquin. You’ll need to get a parking pass if you want to visit any of the beaches in the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve.

Is it possible to swim in Tofino?

The nearest beach to Tofino is Mackenzie Beach, which may be reached through Hellesen Drive. Beachcombing, stand-up paddleboarding, bocce ball, frisbee, picnicking, and swimming are all popular activities for families.

In Tofino, where can I locate starfish?

Chesterman Beach: Arguably the best-known beach on Vancouver Island for tidal pool exploration, Chesterman’s major attraction is an enormous fissure in its main rock outcropping, which is only accessible at low tide. Hundreds of sea stars cling to the damp rock like wallpaper as you walk through.

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